Parent Resources

This page contains helpful resources for parents.  It contains websites that help your child with multiplication facts to helping you browse the web and make your computer run faster. I will continue to add things so please check back for updates.

Cool Helpful Resources for Parents  Are you having trouble getting on a website that you know is suppose to work?  This website allows you to check if it's down just on your computer or if it's down for everyone. Set an alarm clock  An alarm clock that counts up or down.  Learn about the Parts of a Computer  HOW TO... many resources from cleaning out your files, defragging your computer, and troubleshooting.    Talk, chat, and video conference with friends and family from computer to computer for FREE.

Reinforce Skills  Great site to practice and review spelling words!!! Beginning keyboading/typing skills  keyboarding/typing skills and games  Reinforce addition,  subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ratios, and language art skills in a multi player or single player game situation.    MLA citation maker  Interactive books and phonics games  Language Art  Write Wacky Tales  Practice math skills by grade level  NASA website for kids

Cool Things to Do With Images an image and make the mouth move to your recorded voice   Make a Wanted Poster   Upload pictures to make online puzzles.  Free editing program to use with your pictures.