Music Theory I

Welcome to Music Theory I!

(2nd & 7th periods)

Chapter 3 Test

 Friday, September 30th

For those of you who have never had a music theory class...

Many students and parents want to know, "what IS music theory?"  Your Music Theory I class will be more academic than 'arts.'  This class will cover everything from basic notation to triads, major & minor scales, and everything in between! If you've never had music theory or don't know how to read music don't worry. We will start at the very beginning. It's important that you keep in mind that Music Theory is a lot like Math. It's a building subject. If you can't add then you can't multiply, right?  It's the same with Music Theory. If you can't read music then you won't be able to build scales. So make sure you complete your assignments, ask questions, and be prepared to learn!

For students who have some music theory experience...

Most students who take this class have some music theory experience (even if they don't know it!). Those of you who can read notes or play a major scale already have some experience even if you've never taken a theory class. The first few days or weeks of this class may seem a bit easy for you. But don't be fooled!  We will soon be learning new concepts and approaching topics you are not familiar with. We will cover everything that you need to know before taking a college level music course. If you complete your assignments, ask questions, and are prepared to learn you will be college ready when you leave this class!