Behavior Management

Behavior Interventions: 

-Address the classroom at the beginning of class, giving them directions on what they should be doing, if there is a warmup posted, if they have homework to turn in, etc. 

-Make sure to give clear directions, with minimal steps that are easy to follow

-Flexable seating, where the students have the choice where to sit, until I see a problem that will get resolved by moving a student

-Positive reinforcement when students do well


-I will create a point/ticket-based system, with the amount of tickets recieved varrying on what the student has done. 


 ~turning in homework on time - 1 ticket 

~staying on task during individual work time - 1 ticket 

The tickets will then be used towards things that will be enticing to the students, for example, choosing where the students sit in the classroom, homework pass, or the capability of listening to music when they are doing their individual work. 



Consequences is a hard one for me, because I will treat every situation differently, because not every behavior issue in the classroom will be the same, but I will stick to a fairly simple chain of command when a problem does arrise. 

1. Face to face talk with student, letting him or her know the behavior in the classroom is not allowed and should not be repeated 

2. Second chances, they're children, and I believe everyone deserves a second chance, I will remind them that this is their second chance, and the next time this becomes an issue, we will involve the parent, whether that be via email or phone call, it is all up to the parent and what kind of time they have on their hands. 

3. Parent talk, letting them know what has been going on in the classroom, also letting them know this is not the first time. 

4. If the porblem is still occurring, I would request a conference to meet face to face with the parent, beforehand I will discuss this issue with other teachers that may have the student to see if the behavior is occurring in other classes, or just mine. If it is occurring in other classrooms, I will ask that teacher if they would like to join the parent teacher conference.


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