Rules and Syllabus



· A 1 inch binder

· A handful of sheet protectors

· Paper

·Something to write with, preferably a pencil

Please bring these supplies every day! 


Late Work

Due dates will be strictly followed.  Late work will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by a note from your parent and I will only accept up to 2 notes per 9 weeks.   These notes may be verified by a phone call.



You will be given time to do almost all assignments in class with the exception of one project.  If you do not complete your work in class, then it becomes Homework.  All Homework is due by that day of the following week, but must be turned in regardless by the end of the 9 weeks.  That means you will not have a week to turn in assignments given in the last week of the 9 weeks.


Classroom Rules

  1. Leave all electronic devices, games, cards, and similar distractions in your locker.
  2.  Show respect!  Do not talk, get up, sharpen your pencil, or otherwise disrupt while the teacher is teaching.
  3.  Remain in your seat throughout the class unless instructed otherwise. 
  4.  Spanish Class is Spanish Time!  Do not bring in work from another class, or ask to go to another class.
  5.  Come to class prepared to work!
  6. Leave the classroom like you found it!  Do not move furniture or desks without permission.
  7. Follow all school rules and policies.


Discipline Policy

All school rules and policies automatically apply in Spanish class.  Students should be aware of the rules designated for Spanish class as well as the Classroom Procedures.  When these are not followed, the consequence will depend on the rule that has been broken.  Any banned items that are brought into the classroom may be confiscated and sent to the office.  Work from other classes completed during my class may be confiscated and not returned.  Other disruptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Possible consequences include:

-Confiscation of items

-Parent phone call

-Verbal Warning

-Disciplinary write up/ and or sent to the office

-Lunch Detention

-ISS-usually given by the office


Spanish Classroom Procedures

The Beginning of Class: Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. If you are not in the room when the bell rings you are tardy.

The End of Class: Class is not over until I dismiss you. Remain in your seat until the bell rings and do not stand by the door.

Leaving the Room/Bathroom Passes:  Students have 3 free bathroom passes per 9 weeks.  After that they must take a tardy to go out.  They must ask permission in Spanish before going to the bathroom.  Students will only be allowed to leave the room for emergencies.

Absences: If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to make up each and every assignment.  Assignments must be made up for days you are out for standardized testing, days you are on a field trip, and days that you are sick.  If you are absent you have a week from the absence to get the work in, with the exception of the last week of the 9 weeks which must be turned in immediately for grading purposes.


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I have read and understand Ms. Reda’s Rules, Procedures, Schedule, and Grading Procedures and Policies.



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