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This is my seventeenth year at Samohi, and I always startle students by telling them that I don’t have a degree in English; I didn’t like English in high school. My degrees from UCLA are in Sociology, Communications, and Chicana/o Studies. My love of reading was not rekindled until the end of my undergraduate career. While obtaining my secondary teaching credential at Cal State Dominguez Hills, I completed the required literature and composition courses. More recently, I earned my MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University. I continue to take college course online and on weekends, which the kids think is insane. My experience allows me empathize with their struggles and enables me to help them become better students as I prepare them for the rigors of college. My goals are to help students improve critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as well as their study habits – goal setting, organization, and time management.

When I'm not teaching at Samo, I write fiction. See my stories at

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