Books for Science (non-fiction and fiction)

Books for Science (non-fiction and fiction)

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Here are some books that you can look for.  Some you can find at the public library if it is under that heading others you can buy at a book store. I will update the list as we go through the units.

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Topic: A --- Waste and our World
Topic: B --- Wheels and Levers
Topic: C --- Building Devices and Vehicles that move 
Topic: D --- Light and Shadows 
Topic: E --- Plant Growth and Changes

Grade 4 - Topic: A --- Waste and our World
– Recognize that human activity can lead to the production of wastes, and identify alternatives for the responsible use and disposal of materials.

Books you can buy:

 Public library books

library search topic: waste children OR recycle children

Round and round again
  Van Laan, Nancy.

J 268. 432 STO
Save it! : 52 crafts from recyclable items
  Stohs, Anita Reith.

Stuff! : reduce, reuse, recycle
  Kroll, Steven.

J 577 EAR
Earth matters : [an encyclopedia of ecology]
  Rothschild, David de.

J 745. 5 BUL
Make it! : don't throw it away-- create something amazing  1st American ed.
  Bull, Jane, 1957-

Grade 4 - Topic: B --- Wheels and Levers
– Demonstrate a practical understanding of wheels, gears and levers by constructing devices in which energy is transferred to produce motion.

Books you can buy:

·         Science Chapters: Lever, Screw, and Inclined Plane: The Power of Simple Machines

Public Library Books

library search topic: simple machine



J 621. 882 THA
Screws to the rescue
  Thales, Sharon.

J 621. 8 THA
Pulleys to the rescue
  Thales, Sharon.

J 621. 811 THO
Lever, screw, and inclined plane : the power of simple machines

 Thompson, Gare.

J 621. 8 SOL
Castle under siege! : simple machines
  Solway, Andrew.

J 621. 811 LEV
Mighty machines
  Levine, Shar, 1953-

J 621. 811 FRO
What are levers?
  Frost, Helen, 1949-

J 621. 811 ROY
Pulleys and gears
  Royston, Angela.

J 621. 811 ROY
  Royston, Angela.