Landfill Questions October 28 2010

Here are the questions for the landfill field trip that each student is responsible for finding or getting an answer to:

Our Landfill Questions

Natalee – About how many times has the  leachate spilled and you never noticed?

Haider – How does the pollution becomes more?

Lujain – Was the landfill passed on from another person?

Bilal – How big is the landfill?

Sahar – Why is there rubbish everywhere?

Wesam – How many feet or meters is the landfill? Or Do you know how much garbage is in the landfill?

Fatima Alkadri – How much garbage do you make each year?

Hadi – How many landfills are there?

Sajeda – Why do you have to pay to get into the landfill?

Arslan – Where did the rubbish come from?

Zahra – Who owns the landfill?

Nazar –What kind of tools do you use at the landfill?

Tamara – How can you use the landfill again?

Shehryar – How do you run the machines when you have rubbish all over the place?

Zaineb – When you close the landfill is the clay and plastic  still covering the garbage?

Ahmad – What happens is the leachate is not collected?

Aya – How is the landfill operated?

Hawra – How many machines do you use at the landfill?

Fatima Jamal Al Deen – Where does the garbage end up?

Raniem – Why was the landfill started?

Noor – Do you clean the leachate?