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Gross Menu Guide

Gross Menu Guide


Gross Menu Rubric

Examples of Menus:


Examples of  gross menu items:


Spectacular Slushy Soup

An aged 10 year old tomate soup.



Lucious Lamb

an unfortunate accident happened and we found it on the road.  No waste here!


Outstanding Orange Juice

Filled with pulp and floating mold. 


 Remember to use ALLITERATION for your titles and items.

Descriptive Words List


perfumed lilac earthy stinking fetid loamy
lemon scent odor fragrance sweaty sharp
rose lime rotten biting pungent musty
plastic acrid flowery fishy mildewed spicy
acid moldy doggy nauseating redolent skunky
dirty sweet tart minty moist putrid
sour fresh musty spoiled  


red saffron bright dark scarlet gold
dull light carnelian silver rose chocolate
crimson chrome lilac sienna salmon lime
copper vermilion yellow bronze avocado coral
primrose pale purple lemon canary violet
pink cerise mauve ruddy mahogany topaz
blue amber ebony flushed maroon amethyst
crystalline cyan navy wine white poppy
cobalt burgundy olive fuchsia turquoise claret
drab chartreuse orchid brilliant clear black
obsidian transparent khaki opaque translucent lavender
glassy  jet gay rust carmine sapphire
dun cordovan indigo milky tan grizzly
ocher flesh buff brindle umber peach
mustard ultramarine snowy chestnut green smoky
sepia mint brass walnut pearl aqua
ruby emerald twinkling bistre sooty shimmering
jade plum charcoal maize lake iridescent
garnet slate spruce puce magenta sable
pearly aquamarine ivory henna citrine onyx
azure cream orange      


pressed damp fluted tickling sculptured dry
knobbed raw corrugated downy chapped scratchy
dirty grimy sopping itching abrasive dusty
scaled rasping prickly clammy pulpy kiss
scarred glossy wet pocked tweedy matte
moist woolly hard foamy dank patina
gripped burning hairy soft cottony scorching
furry bumpy rocking cushioned fluffy searing
fuzzy boiling sheer sheen scalding stinging
sandy warm shiny polished hot engraved
gritty inlaid soapy bubbly grooved cool
glassy ivory biting sharp rutted piercing
silky numbing velvety smooth freezing steely
keen icy corduroy grainy cold metallic
fine waxy coarse greasy  curdled slimy
splintered lacy tangled spiky slippery creamy
matted slick shaggy bushy fiery stubbly



round  parallel narrow reticulated crested wide
flat spherical globe rounded shallow drooping
erect dappled rolling orb hemisphere ball
shapely checkered adjacent curved pied concentric
triangle sharp short depressed swollen long
concave pyramid cone convex streamlined sunken
square diagonal contoured protruding banded terrain
horizontal rectangle cube vertical aquiline veined
cylinder depth disc palmate box width
plate pinnate spiked thread height arc
elliptical length worm-like crowned cupped serpentine
girth crescent pentagon breadth sinuous baggy
tight winding spotted oval hexagon octagon
tetrahedral  solid lanky corkscrew helix curly
frail polyhedron trapezoid thin fat crystalline
fanned oval pointed plump ovate ellipsoidal
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