How Can I Help My Child?


How Can I Help My Child?

1.      The most important thing you can do to help your child succeed this year is read with them or listen to them read.  It can be as easy as them sitting at the kitchen table while you are making dinner.

2.      Practice basic math facts.  There is basic addition and multiplication that children will need to use in their life and it is important for them to know these facts to be successful in math.  Flash cards to practice are a fun way to help kids.  Many students know how to make them.

3.      Practice your child’s spelling words with them.  Each week children are give words to practice.  It is beneficial to work with your child to practice these words.

4.      Go to the Calgary Public Library.  The Library has many resources and programs that you and your child can participate in.  They also have access to the internet.  The children’s library card is free (no cost).

5.      Check your child’s agenda EVERY night.  As teachers we can only help them at school we expect that you are working as best as you can with your child at night.  This is the best place for notes to the teacher.  In addition this is where you will find your child’s homework.

6.      Look at your children’s notebooks when they come home.  This can be a good start for questions at interviews or questions for your children.

7.      Students in Ms.Reid’s classroom have access to a website that has additional activities, and websites that are child appropriate.  Ask your child about his or her password.


By doing these things you can help your child greatly succeed in any grade!


The Grade 4 Team