Classroom Procedures

The children came up with our classroom rules. They are:

1. Listen when other people are talking.                                                                                                                

2. Love and respect one another.

3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

4. Do your own work quietly.

5. Have fun and play fair!



Behavior policy

     My policy for behavior is a three color system. I have a Chutes and Ladders board to go along with our board game theme.  The children will begin each day on green.  After 3 reminders of the rules a child will move their game piece to yellow.  If the behavior is changed, the child may move their piece back to green.  However, if the behavior continues, the game piece will be moved to red.  At recess, a yellow means five minutes before playing and red  means ten minutes.  For the first half of the year, green may be earned back.  The second half of the year children will not be able to earn it back because they will have learned the rules.  I will mark in their planners daily what color they ended the day on.  If it is yellow or red I will also write an explanation for the color.