Leveled Questions

1. Make a map of the United States.

2. Name the river that divideds the United States into East and West.


3. Point to Connecticut.

4. Proivide a few compare and contrast statements on the South region and the Northwest Region.

        South Region was mainly farmers while Northwest Region was business savy. North Region was into trading tools, food, supplies, etc. while the South was busy trading black people. 

5. Give me an example of a basin in the United States.

        Great Basin

6. Give me an example of a plateau in the United States.

        Colorado Plateau

7. Design a Flipbook to show your knowledge of landforms.

8. What would it be like to live in New York compared to California?

       New York would be cold and experience more diverse seasons. California would have the beach and warm temperatures. I feel like upper New York like the hamptoms have a cabin vibe as well.

9. What do you think might happen to the Red Oak Forest in California? Why?

       It could burn down because of the fires out in California!!