First Read


smiley Introduce key vocabulary

smiley Build comprehension

smiley Use "think aloud strategy"

smiley Maintain the flow of the story


Second Read


smiley Guide the "reconstruction" of the story as the book is read

smiley Prompt children to recall events and sequence with questions as the story is read

smiley Ask questions that support comprehension

smiley Enrich and review vocabulary from 1st read


Third Read

"Chime In"

smiley Invite all children(your child) to "chime in" with key storybook text.

smiley Provide prompts as needed.

smiley Ask questions about characters' thoughts, feelings, and actions.

             1. What are the reasons for them?

             2. How they relate to story events?

             3. How do they relate to child's experiences?


Fourth Read


smiley Invite children to participate actively

smiley Assign speaking parts to all children


smiley Choose an alternate book if a fourth read is not appropriate




* From the reading workshop