Save the Dates!

June 2011

 Monday June 6th: NYS Sciene Test- 8th Grade

 Thursday June 9th: 7 & 8th Grade fieldtrip to Alliance Bank Stadium!! Wear sunscreen! GO SKY CHIEFS! 

Monday June  13th: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade fieldtrip to Onondaga Lake Park! Wear sneakers and sunscreen!

Tuesday June 14th: 7th Grade fieldtrip to Beaver Lake! Sneakers are a MUST!

 Friday June 17th: PLAY DAY (outside) All grade levels. Bring socks to rollerskate

Tuesday June  21st: Last full day of school

Wednesday June 22nd: 1/2 day of school

Thursday June 23rd: 1/2 day of school, 8th grade GRADUATION