Vocabulary Strategies

Students in my ESL classes learn new vocabulary in many ways! Here are some of the ways your student is learning new vocabulary.

 Ms. Roach's Beginner ESL Students:

Read Alouds: My ESL Students are hearing sounds of the English Language while I read to them.

Word Wall Dictionary: Words that students will hear frequently are posted on a wall under the letter the word starts with. These words also have pictures next to them to help students associate the word to the object.

Vocabulary Cards: Students write the word on one side and draw a picture or translation on the other side of a "flash card."


Ms. Roach's Intermediate & Advanced Students:

 Vocabulary Journals: Students are assigned words weekly, add them to their journals, and write sentences using the words, definitions, and draw pictures/write translations to help them remember new vocabulary.

Word Wheels: Students use word wheels to find words that have the same meaning. These are created to teach students synonyms