About Ms. Roach

All About Ms. Roach
          I went to West Genesee High School where I played Softball and was in the Marching Band. In 2004, I graduated from West Genesee and moved on to attend college at SUNY Oswego where I majored in Childhood Education grades 1-6 and concentrated in Social Studies. After graduating Oswego, I worked in the Syracuse City School District for three years. During this time I went back to college to get my Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY. After I completed my Masters, I began teaching at James Woods Junior High School teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ESL classes to ESL students at all levels of English proficiency. So why did I become a teacher you may be wondering? I became a teacher because I felt that my influence in the classroom and my enthusiasm for learning would encourage our youth to strive for any dream that they may have.
My Teaching Philosophy
     I believe the underlying goal of teaching is to provide all students in your classroom the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential and to foster the learning process. A student's desire to learn is already set before entering a classroom. As a teacher, I have to understand that not all students learn at the same rate or by the same method of instruction. Students have multiple learning styles. Some students learn best when visually provided information, some through lecture and note taking, and others need hands on manipulatives when absorbing new information. With this in mind, I must teach so that all students are capable of reaching their full potential by providing them with multiple approaches to complete a task. As an instructor I must show my students my passion for learning by providing them multiple ways to understand and comprehend information. When students see their teacher's passion for learning and the desire to help them grow, their attitudes become positive towards education.
      I will teach my students to develop a strong respect for themselves and for each other. I will do this in a safe environment where every voice is heard and everyone has an equal chance to impact the classroom. All classrooms need to be a "safe haven" for our students where they know that they are appreciated, loved, and respected. To create a classroom environment such as this, all students need to follow a set of rules and consistency needs to be in established while enforcing these rules. Establishing trust in the classroom is the only way a safe haven such as this will be established.
     As a teacher I continually grow through my passion for learning. Collaboration, professional development, and continuing education courses continually open our minds to new ideas, strategies, and methods to use with our students. My passion for learning is something that I eagerly share with my students whenever the oppurtunity arises. Once a passion for learning is obtained by the students I work with, they will realize that anything is possible.