Policies & Expectations

Classroom Attendance Policy:

Seeing as we are located in a middle school setting, students rotate to different classes every 50 minutes. Students are pulled out during their classes to attend ESL. All students are aware of the times that they attend ESL and are expected to attend class each day. If a student does not attend ESL I will check with the main office to make sure the student was absent from school that day. If the student was not absent from school and did not show up for ESL (skipping class), three hours of In School Suspension will be alotted to the student and they will need to make up the ESL work they missed. If a student must miss ESL for any reason, the student must notify the teacher in advance. 

Classroom Homework Policy:

 Homework will be given in ESL Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the school year. Students are expected to complete their homework by each assigned due date. If homework is not complete, students will have one chance to make the assignment up. If a student chose to not complete the asssignment during that time frame, they will receive a "zero" for that assignment. Homework in my ESL classes emphasizes on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. However, I link these categories into the material my students are studying in their other classes. ESL homework is beneficial to students to help them further understand information they are learning in their other classes and is expected to be completed.

 Classroom Grading Policy:

Homework: 15% of grade. Homework is important so students can practice ideas learned in the classroom at home.

Tests/Quizzes: 20% of grade. Tests and quizzes in ESL will consist of speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections to show their understanding of new vocabulary and concepts.

Projects: 40% of grade. Students will be given multiple options while completing projects in ESL students will be graded on a rubric for each project they complete and will know exactly how to achieve the grade they are aiming towards.

Participation: 25% of grade. Speaking is a huge part of participating in ESL.

Classroom Expectations:


Students will complete assignments by the due dates given to them (unless a different arrangement has been made with the teacher)

Students will come to class prepared with a pencil and their ESL binder

Students will practice and acquire the English Language through the use of speaking, writing, listening, and reading


Students will create a classroom community by allowing all students to have input in classroom discussions while respecting everyone's opinions.

Students will not have any electronic device in the classroom

Students will not use offensive language or gestures, physical or emotional violence while in the classroom