This week in Reading....


chuckled    downstairs   fumbled   nervous   nonsense   trudged

Vocabulary Activity : Crowded Sentences

Let’s see how many of the words we can

use in one sentence. We can keep going until we’re worn out!

This Week’s Skills

Comprehension: character,setting, plot

Vocabulary: compound words

Spelling/Phonics: the short vowel letters


Dear Family Member:

This week, we are reading First Day Jitters. The story is about Sarah, who doesn’t want to get out of bed

and go to her new school. In class, we've been learning about character, setting, and plot. Your child has been  

keeping track  of who is in the story, where and when it takes place, and what happens. This story begins in Sarah’s

bedroom and ends at Sarah's school.

  *Ask your child to retell First Day Jitters to you. It was a great story! 

Third grade reading skills: 

*Analyze character, setting, and plot

*Find Main Idea and Details

*Find Problem and Soution

*Summarize a story

*Find Fact and Opinion

*Find Authors Purpose (inform, entertain, or persuade)

* Find Cause and Effect

*Make Inferences

*Compare and Contrast

*Make and confirm predictions

*Draw Conclusions

*Sequence a story