This week in Math...

     This week in math, your child will be using numbers in different ways. They will use numbers to locate, name, measure, and count. They will also use place value blocks to show numbers to the hundreds and thousands place. Other ways they will use numbers is in standard, word, and expanded form. Please be sure to review your child's homework for any questions they may have had. 

Ways to use numbers:

1) Locate - 123 Oak Lane, Ft. Myers, FL 33967

2) Name - Number 22 on the baseball team is John Smith.

3) Count - There are 24 crayons in a box.

4) Measure - My temperture was 98.6 degrees.

5) Standard Form - 454

6) Word Form - four hundred four

7) Expanded Form  400 + 50 + 4

Third Grade Math Skills:

* Addition and Subtraction of larger numbers with regrouping

* Equalities and Inequalities

* Multiplication

* Division

* Problem Solving

* Patterns

* Two-Dimensional Shapes

*  Angles and Polygons

* Congruency and Similarity

* Types of graphs: Line, Bar, Picto, Pie


* Perimeter

* Area

* Money

* Median, Mode, and Range

* Time: Nearest Minute,  Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour, Elapsed Time

* Probability

* Length, Capacity, and Weight

* Temperature

* Fractions: Reading Writing, Comparing, Ordering, Adding, Subtracting, Equal