My Ryan's English Classes

Welcome, my bright 11th grade English students! Smile

Click on the appropriate link for your class to see: homework, in-class assignments & activities, messages, & tips.

 Check website daily for UPDATES!  

It is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the website daily, especially if you are absent or miss class.  I will only accept absent make-up work with an excused absence and the work will be due the day you return to class (not the day after as you have been doing).  My absent work policy is only to HELP YOU stay up-to-date with us on material. Please do your best to get notes from a friend, or come in after school to get help on material you missed, so that you can complete the homework in a timely manner.

For example, if you are sick and you miss what is taught in class that day, it is your responsibility to check the homework on the website and turn the work in the next day your class meets.  That means you have TWO DAYS to check the homework, complete it, and ask questions.  Surely you can find time to check the website and ask me questions before the next class.   

You will do well in my class if you put in the EFFORT! I believe in you all; you are all very intelligent individuals and all highly capable of excelling! 

-Ms. Ryan