8th Grade March 7 -11

8th Grade

March 7 – 11th 
 Language ArtsSocial Studies
MonResearch Paper Due TodayRoots Lesson 3, Book B (Exc. Due Friday) Grammar: Lessons 33-36 –due Friday Background on “Night”Discuss Genre: Historical Fiction Writing Due Friday:”Who am I?”America’s Road to WarChapter 23,Sec. 2, pg 671 -676Pg. 676 (1-4)
Tues Read preface of  “Night”Read Chapter 1 by Tues, Mar. 15thChapter 1 Questions – due March 17th HW: Review Roots & Grammar  
Wed Journal Entry: Why is it important to be believed, respected & valued? Chapter 1 “Night”Work on “Who am I” assignment  Write in LabTake notes on Section 3
Thurs.Journal Entry:  Why do we label each other?  Do our differences bring us closer together or pull us further apart?Introduce Identity Box Assignment Box due March 28th HW: Section 2 Questions and Notes on Section 3 due tomorrow.
FridayGrammar Quiz: Lessons 33 -36Roots Exercises Lesson 3 dueWho Am I – Writing DueChapter 1 Question due next Thur 3/17Respond to this quote: “Race has become a distorted lens through which we view the world?”( Stendal, pg. 26)  Do you agree or with this statement? What is race?        Read Section 3Pg. 677 – 681Americans Join the AlliesHW: Pg. 681 (1-4) due Monday