7th Grade March 7 -11

7th Grade

  March 7 – 11 th  
 Language ArtsSocial StudiesChristian Studies
MonResearch Paper Due Roots Book A, Les. 3Roots exc. Due Friday Grammar:Lessons 33 -36 Background on “Raisin in the Sun” =RISRead Act I by Friday No Class Verse: Memory Verse Honor Roll Judges – Questions due Friday What are the key factors in Israel’s failure in Judges (2:10 -31)?
Tues Read Act I Raisin in the Sun    Chapter 18, Sec. 2Page: 670 -679 The ScientificRevolutionHW: pg. 679 (1-4) Gideon seemed to be seeking God’s will through the fleece, but what do you think was the real reason he put out the fleece (6:36 – 40)?
WedWork on GrammarLessons 33 -35 Read “Raisin in the Sun Review RootsNo Class What were the main elements of the Nazirite vow (13:5; Numbers 6:1-8)?  How did Samson break the vow? (16:17 – 19)
Thurs. Grammar Test – FriFinish Act I by tomorrow    Section 3, pg. 680-689The EnlightenmentHW: pg. 689 (1-6)Discuss the 3 part cycle:Disobedience – Discipline – Deliverance
Friday         MemoryVerse Quiz