7th Feb. 7 -11th

7th Grade

  Feb. 7 -11  
 Language ArtsSocial StudiesChristian Studies

Grammar: SS Lessons 17-20

Distribute Preposition Worksheets (2) due Friday


Character Analysis Due Today

 Assign Essay over “Call of the Wild”  Outline dueWed. Draft of Essay due Friday Roots Lessons 5&6  
Read Section 2, Chapter 17Pg 618-626Hw: pg.626(1-4) due Fri.

Verse: Hebrews 12:1


Questions due Friday:

What were some of the curses an blessings in Moses’ 3rd sermon (27-28)?


Why do you think Moses repeats the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy?


What are the Ten Commandments?  Describe a time you have struggled to obey the Commandments?

TuesRead “United Through Language” pg 30 – 32 Review of synonyms and antonyms pg. 33 – 39 Sentence Correction WS 

Junior Achievement

Wed Work on “Call of the Wild”  Essay   
Thurs. Read pg. 40 -44 Discuss Reading Strategies pg. 46 – 55 HW: Essay Draft due tomorrowGrammar 17-20 due tomorrow Research in the Lab 
FridayRoots Quiz Lessons 5 &6Grammar Test Les. 17-20Collect 1st Draft Essay   Verse QuizQuiz over Deuteronomy