7th January 16-20th

7th Grade  Jan. 16 - 21 
 Language ArtsSocial StudiesChristian Studies
Mon No SchoolDr. King DayNo Class Chapel
Tues Read Chapters 1-4 by Friday’s Class Meeting Completed Music as Poetry Assignment Due Research Paper Outline – due Tomorrow (Wed) Call of the Wild – Chapters 1 & 2 Questions due today (Tuesday). Junior Achievement Presentation

This was cancelled last week, due to the snow day.

Write a summary of Moses’ 3 addresses to the Israelites in Numbers 
Wed Research Outline Due Review Types of Sentences, Fragments & Run- OnsHW: Identifying and Correcting Sentences Worksheetdue Friday   Write an outline highlighting key events in Numbers?  
ThurResearch in the Lab Check of Source Cards tomorrow: 5 Source Cards Required.3 – websites2 – books Or2 – Books 2 – Websites and 1 Interview Source  Review Chapter 16 Complete page 602 (1-11) Chapter 16 TEST next TuesdayWe see in Numbers that the Lord is not happy when we complain?  Why?  Do you complain a lot?  About what? Question due tomorrow.
FridayEarly Release Day Reading Check- Chapters 1-4 of “Call of the Wild”Note Check on Chapter 16 all sections. Review Chapter 16 Chapter 16 TEST next TuesdayVerse Quiz Numbers Quiz