8th January 10-15th



January 10 – 15th



Se   8th  Language Arts Social Studies



MO  Monday




Weekly Writing Assigned-due Friday

If you knew you were going to be banished to an igloo for the rest of your life, what five items would you take along? (Assume you would get all the food water, heaters, and warm clothes you needed.)  Write about what you would take and why.

Minimum of 2 paragraphs


Assign Music as Poetry Assignment Detailed analysis (notes taken on printed copy of lyrics due Thursday.

 Final assignment due next Monday.


Students will present their lyrics to the class.


Collect Chapter 1 Questions over “Tom Sawyer”


Chapter 2 Questions due tomorrow.


Read Chapters 1-4 by Friday.


Chapter 21, Section 3, pages 620 – 624

Progressive Presidents


Worksheet over sections 1 & 2 handed out.


Sections 1 & 2 Worksheet due Wednesday


HW: Page 624, ( 1-4)  Due Friday


Tues   Tuesday

 Grammar exercises from last week due today. These were assigned last Tuesday. Page 461, exc. 8 (5-10)Page 462, exc. 9 (2-5) Discuss Research Process 

Look at Outline Sample for a Research Paper

HW: Begin drafting your outline. Outlines due next Tuesday 

No Class Today

Wed               We   Wednesda


Research in the lab.


10 Note Cards due next Monday


Collect Worksheet


 Read Section 4, pages 628 – 633

Excluded from Reform

 HW: Section 4, Page 633, ( 1-3)  due Friday

Thu   Thursday


Music as Poetry lyric analysis due today.


Work on Music as Poetry


Frid   Friday


Work on Research Outline


Weekly Writing Assignment - Due


Reading check over “Tom Sawyer” Chapters 1-4

 Complete Chapter 21 Review Play Review Game Chapter 21 Test Monday