8th January 16 - 20th



January 16-21



 8th  Grade Language Arts Social Studies



No School

Dr. King Day


No School Today


  Grammar Exercises from last week due today. Pg. 438 Exc:19 (5-10)          Pg. 32 (#5)        Pg. 440, Exc: 21 (2-10)      Pg. 442 (2-10) Completed Music as Poetry Assignment DueResearch Paper Outline – due Tomorrow (Wed)

Read “Tom Sawyer”

 Two Detailed Dialectic Journals for “Tom Sawyer”  due Thursday
   Collect Sections 3 & 4 Questions 

Chapter 21 Test Wednesday



Research Outline Due

Chapter 3 “Tom Sawyer” Questions due

Grammar Test – Adjective and Adverb Clauses

 Chapter 21 Test


 Research in the LabCheck of Source Cards tomorrow: 5 Source Cards Required.3 – websites2 – books Or

2 – Books 2 – Websites and 1 Interview Source

Note Card Check at end of periodHW: Chapter 4 questions due tomorrow
  No Class Today    



Early Release Day


Chapter 4 Questions due (“Tom Sawyer”


The poetry of Robert Frost

 Early Release Day