Halverson’s Kindergarten Supplies

·       Large book bag for daily use (big enough to hold library book)

·       #2 Pencils

·       2 –Two pocket folders

·       3-Box of 8 – 24 count Crayola crayons

·       3-Elmer’s school glue (not gel or “no run”)

·       Eraser (large soft pink or green)

·       Markers (to share with class)

·       Plastic school box (approximately 6 x 9 inch with no handles)

·       Pair of tennis shoes to be left at school (gym class)

·       A large beach towel for rest time

·       Paint shirt (an old T-shirt works well)

·       2 Notebooks 

If your child’s last name begins with:               

 *  A – L    1 large box of Kleenex              

  *  M – Z    zip lock bags (any size) or lunch bags  

*Headphones-You can either bring in a pair from home or buy a pair from the school. 

* Snacks once per month to share with the class.