Reader's Workshop



Read Aloud: 5-10 Minutes

Each Reading Workshop session will begin with a mini lesson that lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. Each mini lesson will focus on a reading strategy. The teacher models good reading behavior and strategies. Students observe the reader as he/she thinks aloud and reads through the text. 



Shared Reading: 15-30 Minutes

Now lets go to a book and apply the strategy together.  Come back to share how you’ve applied it and discuss your thinking.

Students and teacher share the responsibility of reading the same text.  The teacher models and thinks alouds as students are are invited to read along with plenty of support from the teacher and their peers.  

Independent Reading: 15-30 Minutes

  • Read Independently/Practice skill from mini-lesson
  • Conferring With Students-Ms. Sequeira meets with individuals to support, discuss text and assess.


Literacy Work Stations (Centers): 45-60 Minutes

  • Meet with Center Partners to practice methods previously taught at designated work stations
  • Guided Reading- Ms. Sequeira meets with individuals or small groups to practice a reading strategy and/or to assess student progress.  (15-20 minutes per group; 2-3 groups per day)