ABC's Handbook

Cool - Attendance - Please make sure your child comes to school each day.  If your child is absent please send a Dr.'s note or a note from you stating why he/she was absent.  You may also call the school at 615-446-0355.


Cool - Arrival - The main doors of the school open at 7:40. The late bell rings at 8:00.  You may drop your child off from 7:20-7:40 at the gym doors.  Before that time you would need to come in and sign your child in at daycare and  pay the daycare fee.  


Cool - Birthdays - Birthdays are special occasions for young children. If your child wishes, he/she may bring a treat for the class. 


Cool - Calendar - The school calendar is available for you at the Dickson County web site.


Cool - Discipline -   I use circle key tags to keep track of student’s behavior in my class room.  Each child begins the day with no circles on his/her hook.  If the child breaks a rule or disobeys me I tell him/her to go and get a circle and hang on his/her hook.  The child then has to give 5 minutes of time out immediately.  .  If the child continues to misbehave he/she has to get another circle and sit 10 minutes time out. There are timers in the cubby where the circles are kept.    I always give my students two warnings before having him/her hang a circle. After that only one warning before having him/her hang a circle.  The number of circle received is recorded in the students folder and in the grade book.  If no circles are received for the day a stamp is given. 

•    Do not talk while the teacher is talking.
•    Stay in your seat unless told to move around the room. 
•    Keep your hands to your self.
•    Walk in a quiet straight line while going down the hall.
•    Use an inside voice.

Cool - E-mail  -You may contact me by e-mail at


Cool - Firedrills  - Fire drills are held on a monthly basis throughout the year.  All students will participate and are expected to walk quickly and quietly to their designated exit.  We will practice and become familiar with procedures before our first scheduled drill.


Cool  - Gym - We have gym 4 days a week.  Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes each day.  I have the days listed on the Behavior calendar that I send home each day.  The days are also listed at the calendar tab on this web site.  


Cool - Help at Home - Your child is expected to know these readiness skills:

*Full name            


*Telephone number   

*Parents names    

*Basic colors       

*Counting to 10

*Printing first name beginning with a capital letter and the rest in lower case.

When time permits, work on these skills also:

*Reciting the alphabet               

*Shape names               

*Birthday (month, date, & year)           

*Identifying numbers to 25

*Identifying letter names          

*Tying shoes


Your extra help at home really makes a difference!


Cool - Illness - The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning.  It is important, however, to keep your child home if he/she is ill. This helps to make them more comfortable and prevents others from becoming ill.  Children function more effectively in the classroom when they are healthy.


Cool  - Journals - One strategy that will be used to help convey the vital concept that print conveys meaning is the frequent use of journal writing.  In these journals the kindergartners combine their emerging writing skills with their drawing skills.  As the children are exposed to a variety of phonics and reading experiences, journal entries will move from drawings and inventive spellings towards more conventional writing.


Cool  - Kindness - Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness and respect. Bothering others, bullying and interrupting learning will not be permitted.


Cool - Lunch  - We eat lunch from 12:14-12:44 each day.  Your child may bring his/her lunch or purchase a school lunch.  You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child any day.  Be sure you sign in at the office.  There is a special visitors table for you and your child to eat at.  


Cool  - Music - Our music teacher, Mr. Burns, will be teaching the children the basics of music education and will be sharing many wonderful songs!  We have music twice a week.   Of course, I will be singing and enjoying music with the children daily.


Cool  - Nurse - We are fortunate to have a nurse at Centennial Elementary. She will tend to minor scratches and scrapes, as well as sudden illnesses.  For more serious injuries, she will contact you. Please be sure to send in any change of contact numbers in case she needs to get in touch with you.  If your child has any medication that he/she needs to take here at school you must hand deliver it to the nurse along with a Dr. instruction sheet that you can get from our nurse.  


Cool  - Open House - Open house is the Sunday before school begins each school year.  This is a time to come and meet your child's teacher.  It is usually from 2:00-4:00.  


Cool  - Parent Volunteers - I enjoy having parent volunteers in my classroom each day.  From 8:00 until 9:00 each morning we have small group learning activity time.  During this time it is important to have a parent volunteer to work with students as well as myself.  I also enjoy having a parent come in once a week to do a classroom art activity with my students.


Cool - Questions - Since many of you are new to Centennial Elementary school I am sure you have many unanswered questions.  Please feel free to call me at school 615-446-0355 during my planning period. (10:50-11:30)  You may also email me at  


Cool - Report cards are issued every nine weeks.  These reports reflect the progress your child has made toward various kindergarten objectives.


Cool - Snack -Your children generally get hungry by mid-morning so I am requesting that each family contribute to our snack program. Every child should bring in a snack to share with the entire class (about 23 students). This should be a healthy snack that is quickly eaten, such as a box of crackers, cookies, fruit roll-ups, raisins, apples, etc.    Also please send in $2.00 each week to cover the cost of milk on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Ice Cream on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you child doesn't bring in snack money he/she will still recieve a snack but will drink water.  


Cool - Toys - Bringing toys to school is discouraged because they distract the children from learning. If a toy is accidentally lost or broken, feelings will be hurt. Students may bring in books that are clearly marked with your child's name.


Cool - Unique - Every child has a unique personality and learning style.  


Cool - Visitors - Centennial has a policy that ALL GUESTS (including familiar faces) are required to check in at the school office. Centennial welcomes and encourages family involvement. It is important to remember that while this may seem inconvenient to frequent visitors, it is the goal and responsibility of the school to create a safe learning environment.


Cool - Word Rings consist of word, letter and number cards on a metal ring that give students an opportunity to practice learning at home. I'll add new cards that will cover the skills we are working on at school.  The Word Rings will be stored in the zip loc bag of the homework folder.  Please remember to return them to the bag after each practice because they can't be replaced if they're lost.


Cool - eXtra Special - Kindergartners learn that they are eXtra special and unique.


Cool - Younger Siblings - It is in your child's and the program's best interest to have our parent volunteers available WITHOUT younger children. This not only allows your full attention to be focused on the class, but also allows for some special time between you and your kindergartner.  Thank you for making childcare arrangements for younger siblings.


Cool - Zzzzzs - Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give to your child.   It will help them to be alert and ready to learn each day!