How to Help Your Child

Ways to Help Your Child 

*  Read with your child. *  Have your child read to you. 

*  Play phonics games, ie: driving in car and ask, "Do you see anything that    starts with the letter R?"

 *  Go on "Word Hunts".  Try and have your child find simple words (was, the,   me, for...) in books, in stores, while driving, etc. 

*  Have them practice writing their first and last name. *  Review their phone numbers and addresses. 

*  Count with them. 

*  Review simple math fact, ie: 2 + 2 = 4, and talk about simple stories,    ex: if I had 2 pencils, then someone gave me 3 more, how many would I have? *  Help them learn to tie their shoes. 

*  Help them learn to zip their jackets. *****  Most important... Make Learning Fun!