Home Fun

Kindergarten Home Fun Room 315

          During the school year, your child will be participating in many literature, math, science, and social studies lessons.  They will be working hard throughout the school day!  It is my desire that home fun be an extension of the learning that happens in school.  Spending time reading, writing, and reviewing skills with your child id the most effective way to ensure success.  Listed below are the types of home fun your child will be expected to complete.

Please return all home fun activities at the end of the month.


v     Monthly Home Fun Activities: (due at the end of the month)

The monthly home fun activities contains a list of tasks to complete with your child.  Activities can be done more than once.

v     Monthly Home Reading Calendar: (due at the end of each month)

Reading is extremely important!  Please record the number of minutes your child reads or is read to each day.  While reading, have your child retell parts of the story and make predictions about what will happen next in the story.  Kindergarten standards indicate that your child should read at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

v     Sight Words: (keep all words at home)

To help your child with their reading and writing, sight words will be sent home weekly.  With your child, please cut apart these words and use like flashcards.  By the end of the week, your child should be able to recognize and spell these words.  Your child is responsible to learn at least 30 sight words while in kindergarten.  These words will be on green paper.  A words recognition test will be given to all students on the first 30 sight words.  Additional words will be sent home on yellow paper.  Remember, these are optional.  Finally, there are “challenge” words.  They will be sent home on orange paper.

v     Handwriting Home Fun: (keep at home)

Your child will receive a handwriting book with letters of the alphabet.  Please complete one letter per week.  It is very important that you work with your child on this task to make sure that they are forming the letters correctly.

v     Math Home Fun: (due when completed)

During the school year your child will be learning various math concepts.  As we are learning these concepts, math chapters will be sent home to complete.  Please help your child with these concepts.  At the end of every math chapter will be a comprehensive test.

v     Family Project: (due at the end of each month)

Each month your child will be responsible for completing a family project.  They will need your help for this activity.  These should be fun and display you and your child’s creative side.