Biome WebQuest

 Due date:  Thursday, May 27th

Task:  Research information about a your biome and create a project that includes the following:

  1. Definition of the word biome
  2. Name of your biome
  3. Location of biome throughout the world (include a map if possible)
  4. Average temperatures in the summer and winter
  5. Average yearly rainfall
  6. At least 7 specific examples of plants that grow there (name them and include pictures if possible)
  7. At least 7 specific examples of animals that live there (name them and include pictures if possible)
  8. An illustration of at least 1 food chain in the biome with producer, consumers, and decomposers labeled
  9. Work must be grammatically correct, neat, and legible
  10. Project must be creative, interesting, and accurate (use pictures and color)

Use these links to get started