This Week's Homework


MONDAY: Spelling: Rainbow Words

                    Reading: Read 30 minutes and record

                    Monday Folder signed and returned

 TUESDAY:  Spelling: Red Vowels

                       Reading: Read 30 minutes and record

                       Math: Keeping Skills Sharp Page   

 WEDNESDAY: Spelling: Consonant Circles

                            Reading: EOG Practice Story

 THURSDAY: Spelling: Pyramid Words

                         Reading: Read 30 minutes and record

                         Math: EOG Practice Problems

 FRIDAY: Have a wonderful weekend and read for enjoyment!!

Spelling Activities-

Below is a list of activities you will do with your spelling words for homework.  Always underline your spelling words!  Fridays we will have Spelling Tests. 


ActivityHow do I do it?
MondayRainbow WritingWrite your spelling words in pencil and then use four different colored crayons to trace over the words.
Tuesday  6 SentencesChoose six of your spelling words and then write a complete sentence underlining each spelling word.
WednesdayConsonant CirclesWrite your words in pencil.  Then circle the consonants with a pen, colored pencil,  or crayon.
ThursdayPyramid Writing

Write the first letter of your word, then on the next line, write the first two letters of your word.  Continue doing this until you have the word spelled.


Ca                                                                                      cat