Contests and Competitions for Middle School Students

During Middle School, students have a unique opportunity to start building their academic resumes.  Summer programs, Governor's Schools and enrichment camps will all want to know... Why should we choose you?  When students begin applying for scholarships and financial aid for college, their grades and scores will be the same as all of the other top students.  What will make them stand out for a potential opportunity for a scholarship?  Their extracurricular activities, volunteer work and contest awards. 

Here are some ideas for contests and competitions for Middle School+ age students to get started.  If you miss a deadline, keep it in mind for next year! 

If you hear about an opportunity, let me know so that I can add it to the list.  Happy hunting!


Nova Labs


Richmond Area Reading Council


Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth List


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The Best STEM Competitions for Students


Engineer Girl


Creative Communication


Scholastic Writing


Hoagies Gifted Contests/Scholarships List


Rube Goldberg Machine building contest