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Election 2016


Your Voice... Your Vote!


Scholastic's Election webpage


Time for Kids


NY Times


ABC News


PBS Vote 2016


Electoral Votes map


Real Clear Politics!


Voting Rights Act - ACLU


History of Voting


Comparing all 4 candidates on


Gary Johnson and William Weld - Libertarian Party


VoteSmart - Gary Johnson


C-Span Interview with Gary Johnson


Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka - Green Party


VoteSmart - Jill Stein


C-Span Interview with Jill Stein


Donald Trump and Mike Pence - Republican Party


VoteSmart - Donald Trump


Donald Trump on the issues

Donald Trump on C-Span


Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine - Democratic Party


Hillary Clinton on the issues


VoteSmart - Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton on C-Span


Clinton and Trump on the issues


On the Issues



Your Voice… Your Vote

Candidate Poster


Possible issues to choose from:

Jobs and the Economy
Energy and the Environment
Tax Policy
Health Care
Foreign Policy and Defense
Social Issues


Tell about the political party – Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian





How the candidate stands on ________________




How the candidate stands on ________________





How the candidate stands on ________________






Make the poster colorful in marker, attractive and neat/organized with the necessary facts about the candidate.

You can split up the work in your group (I recommend), or all work together to create a first draft on blank paper, and then move toward your next draft.  Remember, you should make multiple drafts before you create your final poster.  Use your classmates and teacher to help you critique your work and ensure it’s all correct.  These will be displayed around the school.

*** there is a center box with the candidate's name and information also, but it didn't paste correctly into the webpage.



Get 2 Months for $5!