Homework is very important, and is part of your child's report card grade.  Homework is review and practice of the skills being taught, and needs to be completed on a daily basis.  The children copy the assignments onto an agenda as soon as they arrive in the morning. The agenda and any homework is placed into their homework folder right away.  At the end of the day the homework folder, graded papers, and any other important notices are packed up and sent home.  All homework is collected the next morning.  If your child is absent he/she will receive everything when they return to school.  You can also request homework to be sent home with another student by calling the main office in the morning. 

Please try to have a quiet place for your child to work.  Allow your child to read directions, and assist them if necessary.  If your child has A LOT of difficulty with his/her homework please just write a little note on the assignment.  Thank you for your support.