This Week

What we're learning this week: February 6-10, 2012

Spelling-Words with Inflected Endings

Grammar- Pronouns and Antecedents


Expository/Narrative Timed Writes

-Figurative Language-SHAMPOIDs 

Six Traits of Writing-Ideas, Word Choice, Voice, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Conventions

FCAT Writing Prep


Story of the Week: "Dear Mrs. LaRue"

Genre: Fantasy

FCAT Skill: Cause & Effect

FCAT Strategy: Generate Questions


Chapter 8 Test

Chapter 9 Lessons 1-2

Social Studies 

Florida Then & Now  "The Misadventures of Panfilo de Narvaez and Nunez de Cadeza de Vaca"

Current Events with Weekly Reader/Time For Kids

Science (Mon-Fri)

Unit 8 Lesson 1- "What is Motion?"

Unit 8 Lesson 2- "What is Speed?"