A Message for Parents and Guardians

 Dear familes,

Welcome to our website!  Below you will find two documents that will be sent home with your scholar in the first days of school.  These documents need to be returned no later than WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

Also, please read through the syllabus.  Here you will find the required materials for our class, which also need to be brought in by WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th. 

I will do my best to update this site as frequenly as possible, so that you can be kept aware of what is happening in our classroom and the assignments that your scholar is expected to complete.

Commitment to Excellence Contract


Teacher Commitment:

  • I will arrive on time and prepared each day
  • I will teach in the best way I know how and will do whatever it takes for our scholars to learn
  • I will  make myself available to scholars and parents for any concerns they might have
  • I will protect the safety, interest and rights of everyone in the classroom
  • I will work hard to reach our goals as a classroom community


Teacher Signature:_______________________________________


Parent/Guardian Commitment:

  • I will make sure my scholar arrives on time and prepared each day
  • I will help my scholar in the best way I know how
  • I will make sure that my scholar is studying, completing homework and behaving properly
  • I will make myself available to my scholar to help when possible
  • I have read the syllabus, rules, and proceedures and  understand the classroom and school rules that my scholar must follow


Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________


Scholar Commitment:

  • I will arrive on time and prepared each day
  • I will always work, think and behave in the best way I know how
  • I will help make the classroom a safe space for learning
  • I will work hard, study and complete my homework
  • I will be committed to the classroom goals
  • I will behave to protect the safety, interests and rights of everyone in the classroom
  • I am responsible for my own behavior and I will follow the 100% of the teachers directions, 100% of the way and 100% of the time.


Scholar Signature: _________________________________________


Thank you for helping to make this year successful!



Your Name: ______________________ Your Scholar's Name: ______________________


Parent/Guardian Survey

You know your child best! Please tell me a little about him/her:


  1. What is your relationship to the scholar? (mother, father, aunt, grandparent…)


  1. Please list your scholar’s strengths!  (Include as many as you can think of—academic, social, athletic, artistic, musical, etc.  Be specific and don’t be bashful.)




  1. What does your scholar struggle with?  (Behavior, academics, personally):




  1. Please share any information I should know about your scholar (medications, conditions, special seat requirements, particular needs):




  1. How should I contact you?  Please write an email address and/or telephone number and convenient times to call. 



  1. Are you the only person I should speak to when I call home?  If there is someone else I can speak with, please write their name and relationship to the scholar.



  1. We know you have many skills, interests and experience that would enrich our class.  Would you like to be a guest speaker?  Would you like to chaperone on a field trip?  Could you bake or provide food for special celebrations?  Would you like to come in and work with your scholar on a project?  Please tell us if and how you would like to become involved in the classroom.  We understand that you are busy and any involvement is appreciated. 



  1. What is one particular thing you think I should know about your scholar as we begin the year?



Please list any additional comments and concerns on the back of the survey.  Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.  I look forward to working with you this year!   -Ms. Vitale