SmileHomework usually consists of a spelling sheet, along with some math and writing practice. Homework comes home on Mondays and is due on Fridays.  A reading log is included with the homework.  Students are expected to read for 20 minutes daily.  Any incomplete homework will need to be turned in the following Monday.  If students do not turn in their homework, they will lose time during recess to finish up.  Please show support for your child by making sure he/she is doing their homework and turning it in on Fridays. 

Students are expected to practice/study their Sight Word lists daily.  This list is included inside the Homework Folder each Monday.  Your child will be tested on Fridays.  Knowing the list of Sight Words by Sight is very important so that your child may become familiar with words which may not be phonetic.  This way, they can read with fluency and will not struggle when they come across these non-phonetic words.  The Sight Word tests count towards 1/3 of your child's reading grade. 

If you have any questions about the homework, please feel free to call Ms. Vue at 276-5257.