OGT Preparation

The OGT is an important test for both you and your student. It signifies that your child is prepared to graduate from high school. It is similar to other tests students may take like the ACT and SAT. Strangely enough, though, half of the skills needed to succeed on this test are not content-related, but test-taking related. How does your child respond to pressure or being timed? How does your child react to multiple-choice questions? These are all questions to consider when trying to help prepare your student.

Waterford High School and every Ohio high school also puts a great deal of effort into training their students to pass the OGT. In Mrs. Beardsley's classroom, the students will be reviewing sample tests and questions. Many of the lessons prior to this have concentrated on skills that will equip your children to succeed. You, too, can help.

Below is a link to the Ohio Department of Education's OGT site. There you can find sample tests and questions, and tips for the test. The basics always apply. On the night before these tests, make sure your students gets a good night's rest and the next morning, that they eat a filling breakfast. Simply talk with your child about any concerns they may have, and be there to encourage. We believe that every single one of our sophomores can pass this test. Wildcat Pride!

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