Class Rules and Expectations

Class Rules

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Try your Best

  These 3 rules will be the basis of instruction and classroom management.  By being these 3 things at all times, you are helping yourself learn.  Rewards and incentives will be available for those who follow these rules, and the goal is for the entire class to learn to follow these rules effortlessly.  It will take practice, and that is expected.  

When behavior is not being met, parents will be notified through the class dojo application, and then through a meeting if the situation calls for it.  Please sign up for dojo here  Doing so will allow you to keep up with your childs work and behavior situations instantly.

If points lost through the week do not fall below expectations, free time will be rewarded.  Students have all week to earn points back through alternative good behavior and smart decision making.  

Turning in Assignments

My goal is for students to not have homework everynight, however when homework is assigned it is expected to be returned to school, in their mailbox, by the time the bell rings the next day.  Unless a further due date is designated.  When work is not turned in, loss of a dojo point will be given and if behavior remains, loss of recess and free time will be used to make up the work missed

Technology Access

Classroom laptops are expected to stay in the classroom at all times.  However, the iPADs may be checked out for students to take home through the sign out sheet located by the iPAD station.