Grade 6 English Homework


Grade 6 English Homework 

Rule #76: No excuses; play like a champion. Printer not working? Out of ink? Total computer failure the night before your essay is due? NEVER FEAR! Email your essay as a Microsoft Word Document attachment to and I'll print it for you! No excuses! Smile

May 2: Adverbs worksheet; study for unit 10 vocabulary test on Wednesday

May 3: Do vocabulary crossword puzzle; study for unit 10 vocab test tomorrow!

May 4: Adverbs B worksheet

May 5: English Workshop page 120: Exercises 9 & 10

May 6: Vocabulary Unit 11: pages 127-128 - Completing the Sentence

May 9: Finish Vocabulary Unit 11 exercises (Synonyms & Atonyms, Choosing the Right Word) for Thursday

May 10: 2 Adverbs worksheets; study for adverbs test tomorrow!

May 11: All Unit 11 Vocabulary exercises due tomorrow!

May 12: 20 excellent vocabulary sentences

May 13: Conjunctions worksheet; study for unit 11 vocabulary test on Tuesday!

May 16: Unit 11 crossword puzzle; study for unit 11 vocabulary test tomorrow!

May 17: Correlating Conjunctions Practice sheet

May 18: Conjunctions B sheet

May 19: English Workshop page 128: Exercise 16 (Interjections); Vocabulary pages 134-135: Completing the Sentence (unit 12)

May 20: Vocabulary page 135: Synonyms and Antonyms (unit 12)

May 23: Study for Conjunctions and Interjections quiz tomorrow!

May 24: Vocabulary page 136: Choosing the Right Word

May 25: Write 10 "Squirrely" sentences using prepositions

May 26: Do vocabulary crossword puzzle; Study for Unit 12 vocabulary test tomorrow!

May 27: 2-sided prepositions worksheet

May 31: "Practice with Prepositions" worksheet - add 2 prepositional phrases to each sentence.

June 1: Vocabulary Review: pages 138-top half of 142 due Monday

June 6: Vocabulary Review: pages 142-144; Prepositions worksheet (2 -sided)

June 7: Vocabulary Review: pages 147-148

June 8: Study for Prepositions Quiz tomorrow!

June 9: Study for cumulative vocabulary test tomorrow!