Comprehensive Science 1 (6th Grade)

Course Syllabus

Comprehensive Science 1 Syllabus

Comprehensive Science 1 Topics at a Glance

1st Nine- Weeks

  • Weather and the Practice of Science <--- Current Topic
  • Natural Disasters and their Effects on Floridians 
  • Thermal Energy Transfer 
  • Weather and Climate 
  • Atmosphere and Spheres of the Earth

2nd Nine-Weeks

  • Landforms and Changes to the Geosphere 
  • Transformation between Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • Motion of Objects 
  • Types of Forces

3rd Nine Weeks

  • Law of Universal Gravitation
  • Forces and Motion 
  • Structure and Function of Living Things 
  • Cell Structure and Organelles 
  • Classification of Living Things 

4th Nine Weeks

  • Human Body Systems
  • Pathogens Comparison
  • Substance Abuse, Health, and Decision Making
  • Human Growth and Development