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If  you are visiting this page you are an asute and resourceful student or a keen and enterprising parent, either way I am glad you're here! I hope you find the class website provides you a great understanding of what my expectations are and the funtion of the class.

If there are any futher questions feel free to click the contact link and I will respond shortly! laugh




Classroom Procedures and Expectations


 Once you enter the classroom you must

  • Enter the classroom quietly
  • Get two sharpened pencils , cromebook and materials ready
  • Place completed Homework assignment on desk so I can come and check it
  •  Read the agenda for the day 
  • Begin bellwork assignment

Bathroom procedure

  • Raise hand holding two fingers up (sign to me a bathroom break is needed)
  • Wait for my response (eye contact and nod)
  • Go to the back of the room to retrieve the one bathroom pass for your gender
  • Proceed quitely to the bathroom 
  • Utilize only 7min max (unless modified by a doctors' note)
  • Return to class quitely, replacing the bathroom pass


Cooperative Sharing (When someone else is speaking) Procedure (students and teachers edition)         

  • Listen
  • Be Respectful
  • Be cooperative
  • Be patient
  • Be verbally polite 

Notes Home Procedure

Place all note home that are due back to me in my notes home box on my desk

Notes home ARE:

  • Permission Slips
  • Absence excuse
  • Fundraiser forms 
  • Lunch money
  • Wrttin note from a parent or guardian


  1. 5 minutes before it is time to leave begin cleaning up area around room and desk.
  2. Have a seat
  3. Wait till teacher dissmisses you.


Consequences and Incentives 



Each week a student follows the classroom procedures and turns in all classroom and homework assignments, they will recieve a 50% homework pass. Meaning if their is a night that they do not complete their homework, they can fill out the missing assignment slip and use the 50% homework pass and receive a 50% as a grade instead of a "0". 




In the rare case a student fails to follow the classroom procedures or does not turn in classroom and homework assignments for that week 

  1. They lose the opportunity for a 50% homework pass
  2. We will discuss our strategy of how will get back to the side once the rest of the class is on task
  3. The "Why I Chose NOT to Follow the Class Procedure Slip" will be filled out and signed by student. Then the student will have it signed by parent or guardian and returned to class in the next class meeting. 


All Set?


I am looking forward to a great school year with you! heart

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