Classroom Expectations

As a community of learners, it is neccessary for both students and teacher alike to follow procedures of common courtesy so that all may learn to the best of their ability. 



Whittier is a uniform school and this policy WILL be enforced in my class. If students do not wear their uniform, there will be consequences. If you need assistance purchasing uniforms please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.



It is imperative that your child comes to school every day ON TIME. Our time for instruction is limited and every minute counts! Please make sure you establish a morning routine for your child and teach them the importance of being punctual as well as prepared for class.


Homework Policy:

Homework will be given EVERY night. Please plan to allot 1 Hour each night for homework. Students are expected to read 30 minutes every night and an hour on the weekends for a total of 210 minutes per week. A reading log will be given to your child within the first week of school and parents are expected to monitor their child’s progress and sign off on the log each week. Other homework will include daily math word problems, spelling work, science and social studies.


Discipline Policy:

Classroom Economy: A student’s education is their job. As such, in 4th grade, we establish a classroom economy, which consists of a weekly “paycheck”, and “fees” and “bonuses.” This system will be explained more thoroughly in the first week of school and an official description/explanation will be sent home after students have contributed their input. Fees will be deducted based on poor choices, failure to meet classroom expectations and other negative behavior. Bonuses will be given for positive behavior, kindness to classmates, contributions to the school environment, etc. At the end of two weeks, students will be able to spend their “paycheck” on kid friendly items during a classroom auction.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. My cell number is 704-577-3459.