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Classroom Expectations

You're in 9th grade, you are officially in high school. It can be scary, but it is also kind of amazing. You are at the point where you are beginning to determine who you are. Will you make mistakes? Sure. Will there be times where you find yourself hating it? Absolutely. But there will be good times, and you will learn from the bad.

Yes, this is ELA, but this class is designed to help you transition from Middle School to High School. It might not seem like a major change but it is!

In this class, you will take ownership of your learning, find (or develop) your voice, establish and learn the importance of a community, and become accountable. You might be doubting my ability to make this happen, and that's okay. I have until June to prove it to you - or you can ask some upper classmen.

In addition to following MVB's Code of Conduct, this class has expectations. We are all responsible for turning these expectations into reality (and not like those expectation vs. reality memes). Doing so will allow everyone the chance to succeed:

  1. Respect everyone and everything.
    • That includes property - writing on desks? Please just don't do it. You will find followers on Snap and IG elsewhere.
  2. Take ownership and be accountable.
    • Caught doing something wrong? Just own up to and apologize. Didn't complete your homework? Don't waste the class' time by scrambling in your bag for something that is not there.
  3. Remain focused and be here.
    • Believe it or not, simply coming to class is not enough. You must be an active member in the class. The class can only be as entertaining as you make it.
  4. Keep an open-mind.
    • Will you find yourself outside of your comfort zone? Absolutely! That is the only way to learn, but if you stop before you even try you will rob yourself.
  5. Laugh with everyone, but laugh at no one.
    • Our class has a very laid-back atmosphere and we will joke around -  just keep in mind that there is a line between joking and bullying (and you definitely know when you are about to cross it).
  6. Stay engaged, keep the phone away.
    • I get it. You're needed elsewhere. You have streaks to maintain. But if you are in class, and don't open them - you can always do so later and the streak will remain unbroken.
  7. Listen as others speak - your turn will come!
    • Everyone deserves a chance to speak, don't be the person that makes others feel like their voice is unimportant. Also, listening saves you the embarrassment of repeating something that has already been said.


Unit and Essential Question(s) Unit Texts

The Monster

  • How do individuals define the monster and how do this reflect the fears of society?
    • How have the depictions of monsters transformed throughout the years?
    • What traits constitute as monstorous?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 

"The Tell-Tale Heart"

"The Veldt"

"The Myth of Medusa"

"The Boogeyman"

"The Use of Monsters"

"From Daleks to Zombies: What Monsters Mean to Us"

"Why We Invented Monsters"

"A Visual History of Society's Monsters"

"Squeaky Boots"

Edward Scissorhands



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