And here you thought you could get out of doing homework by saying you "lost" the handout . . .

Readings can be found in the Unit Texts listed in your class' tab. The links on this page direct you to the homework's handout.

English-9 Homework

* Due dates may be subject to change

The Bad Seed

With each reading, students are required to complete a page in their workbook.

Homework 1 - Scene One [Due 12/05]

Homework 2 - Scene Two [Due 12/06]

Homework 3 - Scene Four & Five [Due 12/09]

Homework 4 - Is Rhoda a product of nature or nuture? [Due 12/10]

Homework 5 - Scene Seven [Due 12/11]

Homework 6 - Scene Eight [Due 12/12]

Homework 7 - Scene Nine [Due 12/13]

Homework 8 - Written Component: Determine if Christine is immoral. [Due 12/15]

English-11 Homework

* Due dates may be subject to change

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