Ms.Yongue's class Info

 Go to fullsize imageEveryday Folders          Folders will be sent home every day.  These folders hold important information such as letters from the teacher, field trip forms, your child’s completed work and more.  Please check your child’s folder everyday and return it back to school the following day. 

Go to fullsize imageHomework Folders          The homework folder is the red folder that will be sent home along with your child’s everyday folder.  Please complete the nightly homework, read a story, SIGN the reading log and go over their sight words. Please return this to school every day.

 Books in a bag          Books will be sent home throughout the year.  Please allow your child to read these to you and you can even read it to them.  Please enjoy the book for the evening and return it the following day.  Please sign the communication log in the plastic bag.

   Go to fullsize imageSnack          We will have a scheduled snack everyday in the afternoon because our lunch is early at 10:55.  It is important that we work together to help provide the snack for our children so I will be sending home a signup sheet monthly.  Please pick a day that you would like to send snack for the entire class and return the sheet to school.  Please make sure that it is a healthy snack like crackers, goldfish, fruit loops, animal crackers, etc.  Please no cookies, cakes or candy, we will save these for special

  Go to fullsize imageBreakfast          Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria this year.  It will start at 7:45 and end at 8:15.  Breakfast if free for all kindergarten students.

 Go to fullsize imageLunch          Your child can bring or buy their lunch at school.  You may send a check or money for the whole month, week or day.  PLEASE SEND ALL MONEY IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR CHILD’s NAME AND LUNCH NUMBER ON IT.   
·         $1.90 child’s lunch
·         $.65 milk
·         $3.00 adult lunch   

Go to fullsize imageFRIDAY IS SNACK DAY          Friday is Kindergarten snack day.  If your child has extra money in their account they may order an extra snack on Fridays.  They will have a choice of ice cream, a cookie or chips.  Ice cream day is also a good behavior reward; please note that if your child is having a not so good day, they may loose the privilege of ice cream that Friday.
·         Snacks range from $.50-1.00

 Go to fullsize imageMoney

          ALL money sent to school needs to be put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it.   Also, please label what the money is for, for example, lunch money, field trip, supplies, picture money etc.  Any money not labeled will be automatically put into your child’s lunch account. 

Attendance          Your child needs to be in the classroom by 8:15 or they will be considered tardy.  If your child comes in later than 8:15, please sign them in at the office before sending them to class.  Also, make sure they go by the lunch room to order their lunch.  Attendance is very important in a child’s education, however, we do realize that children get sick.  If your child is absent, please call the school as soon as possible and let me know.  Then write a note stating why your child was absent and send it with your child the next school day.  Dismissal is 2:40.   

 Go to fullsize imageCar Riders          If your child is a car ride, please put your child’s name card in the window and wait in the car line.  Please do not park and come to the front door to ask for your child for this causes confusion and more traffic.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 Go to fullsize imageBus RidersIf your child rides a bus, they will receive a bus tag the first day of school. Please leave this attached to their bookbag!  This will help all teachers in the school and bus drivers to make sure your child gets on the right bus until they learn their bus numbers. 

Lunch Numbers          Your child’s lunch number is very important.  Please work with your child at home on memorizing their number.  They will use this number in the lunch room, library and in the CCC lab. 

Go to fullsize imageDress Code          Please refer to the school handbook to learn about the school uniform policy.

 Go to fullsize imageMedication          No Medications are allowed to be given by the teacher.  If medications are to be given please contact myself and the school nurse.  All medications must be given by the nurse.  I am also not allowed to distribute lotion or Chap Stick.  Chap Stick may be brought from home and kept in your child’s pocket.  Please NO lip gloss