Bahavior Chart


For the next year, our class will be our “family away from home,” and part of our job is to help children become caring, productive and social beings.  I encourage respect for all, polite language, patience for others, self- control and good ethic.  We are all learners and we usually try our best.  Mistakes will be made but every day brings a fresh new beginning.  My classroom discipline plan helps every student receive guidance in making good decisions about his/her behavior.  In this, the children are given the opportunity to learn in a positive and nurturing classroom environment.  In the beginning years, it is so important for each child to develop self-discipline and good work habits, resolve conflicts peacefully and become independent.  Your child deserves the most positive and educational environment.  The following are is the behavior plan set up for our classroom.

 Classroom Agreements

1.  Listen to all teachers

2.  Listen and follow directions the first time

3.  Use inside quiet voices and walking feet

4.  Respect others and property

 5.  Use your manners

6.  HAVE FUN!      

 These are set in place to give your child the opportunity to think about their choices and behavior

  What will your child receive at the end of the day

 Sticker or stamp- Having a great day

Green-  Warning

Yellow-  5 minutes out free play/thinking chair/note home

Red-  10 minutes out of free play/Office/time out room/ Call home

**Please note that consequences may vary depending on the action**

**If students pull their name, they DO HAVE the opportunity

to move their name back down the chart to good behavior by the end of the day.    

          On Fridays, students are awarded for their good behavior.  Any child who has ended the week with stickers or 2 or less green dots will get in the classroom treasure box.

  Group links- This gives your child the opportunity to work together as a group.  Any group that works together, keeps area clean, takes care of supplies, uses manners etc.  Will earn links.  When the group reaches a certain number of links they will earn a group reward.     

  Spotted dog J This is a whole class reward.  Anytime the entire class is complimented on good behavior, works together, shows good manners etc.  will earn a black spot on our damnation .  When our Dalmatian dog is filled with 25 spots the class will earn a surprise of their choice.