Coronavirus Letter

March 13, 2020


Good evening 5-401 and 5-402 Families,


We hope you are staying safe and calm. 

As you are already aware, the DOE is still working out the details of what “remote learning” is going to look like in the event that schools are closed or if students are not in attendance. 


The DOE has included the following resources for all major subjects on their website for students to be able to “Learn at Home.” Feel free to utilize this website in order to work on ELA/Math activities, along with activities from other content areas as classwork.


In addition to this, here is the plan that we have prepared:


- We sent home the ELA & Math Test Prep workbooks for the kids to work through so that they are caught up. Please send these books back to school each day your child is in attendance.  

- We also sent home the enVision Math Books (being that families are able to work on the content with their children). If you can’t, students can visit to watch math tutorials in order to work on the topics that we assign. This is if students have access to technology and the internet at home. 

- Students have NewsELA accounts, and they will be able to visit the website and use their usernames and passwords to log in. They will then be able to access a variety of articles a day that they can work on reading and submitting questions to us. Again, this is if students have access to technology and the internet at home. 


Please return the test prep books both ELA and math along with the Envision workbook each day your child is in school.  We use these books every single day. We will post assignments regularly on both Seesaw and our homework webpages:





We are continuing to monitor the situation like everyone else, and are still awaiting guidance from the DOE, but hope that this helps for now. 


We will keep you posted via Seesaw along with updating our websites if we have any further details.



Ms. Sadaf, Ms. Yvonne, Mr. Jamie and Ms. Sarah