Coronavirus work if not in attendance at school


Suggested Assignments/Pacing Plan for Students Staying at Home:

We will update if/as necessary



  • ELA Test Prep Book: 

  • Complete at least one short reponse a day 

pg. 151-201

  • We have completed everything up to Poetry. Students should be up to the Poetry section in the book.


  • News ELA: 

  • Read 1-2 articles a day based on interest & answer questions that follow 

  • We will assign articles from time to time that will be placed in the “binder” of each student. Be sure to complete these as well.




  • Math Test Prep Book:  

  • Complete Section 1 by the end of the week- Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Complete Section 2 the following week, and so on.


  • enVision Math 

*Unit 9- 

  • Work one one lesson per day. Complete both classwork and homework pages starting from lesson 9.4 up until 9.8 

  • 9.9 is the end of topic assessment. Your child may work on this as a “take home” exam. When students are back at school, we will grade this assessment.


Learn at Home Activities:


  • ELA:



  • Global Studies:


These are all suggestions of course. You may work on more or less, depending on your situation and on what works best for your child. 


For the Learn at Home activities, you can have your child complete their work on their google drive so it is all saved in one place if you would like to.


We hope this helps give your child a sense of normalcy and structure and as we work to get through this difficult time.


Stay safe and healthy,

The 5th Grade Team